Temu’s “Shop Like A Billionaire” Ranks With The Flash, Jesus and Mickey Mouse Among Most Effective Big Game Ads

by Amir Bakian

Temu, the shopping app that’s rocking the US app stores, was a surprise winner among Big Game advertisers hoping to make an impression on the 113 million viewers who tuned in to watch the football championship final.

And make an impression it did. Temu’s “Shop Like A Billionaire” commercial was No. 4 in EDO’s ranking of Big Game ad effectiveness, behind only Warner Bros.’s ad for “The Flash,” “He Gets Us,” a campaign to promote Jesus and Christianity, and Walt Disney’s “Dream Come True.”

Temu aired its commercial four times – twice during the game and twice after – and snared four of the top 20 airings in terms of engagement, according to EDO. Temu’s top ad also performed 10x better than the median Big Game commercial, said EDO, which counts actor and filmmaker Edward Norton as a co-founder.

In contrast to popularity-based rankings that seek to gauge whether consumers like an ad, EDO’s Big Game rankings measure how effective each ad is in driving viewers to search online for the brand or product shortly after the ad’s airing. Or in other words, EDO measures how successful an ad is in prompting viewers to find out more about what they have just seen.

“We received overwhelmingly positive feedback and strong engagement from both existing customers and new users after the “Shop Like A Billionaire” commercial,” a spokesman for Temu said. “We saw a spike in search and app downloads, and increased participation in our $10 million “Sweep and Win” promotion held in conjunction with the commercial.”

Not bad for a company that launched operations only in September. Temu has swiftly attracted consumers with affordably priced merchandise and has been the No. 1 downloaded app on major US app stores since the end of last year. The Boston based company is owned by Nasdaq-listed PDD Holdings Inc., a multinational commerce group that is valued at over $120 billion.

With such a deep-pocketed parent, Temu has gone on a marketing blitz that culminated with two prime-time advertising slots on Game Day. The Big Game is valued by marketers for being the one day in the whole year where brands can reach out to a diverse mass TV audience and hold their attention. This year, an estimated 113 million viewers watched the Big Game, with viewership peaking at the time of Rihanna’s halftime performance.

Temu’s 30-second ad features a protagonist’s adventure as she experiences the joys of shopping on the Temu app. Her face lights up as she realizes the purchase possibilities are endless at such good prices. From the latest fashion to tools, headphones and so much more, there is something for everyone on Temu. “I feel so rich,” the upbeat jingle plays, “I feel like a billionaire.”

Additional media placements of the “Shop Like A Billionaire” ad, including the NASCAR Daytona 500, are planned.

Authored by: Tom White

Presented by: Ascend Agency

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