Taylor Hill’s Beauty Secrets Revealed!

by Eddie Roche

Here’s a morsel from the pages of the Daily Summer: mod Taylor Hill gives us the low-down on her beauty routine, from her favorite fragrance and sunscreen right down to her toothpaste. Take it away, Taylor! 

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Morning routine: I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, and occasionally shower in the morning, but I usually shower at night. Then I make a cup of coffee and get my thoughts together about what I need to do that day.
Beauty advice: Less is more. Makeup and beauty products are, in my opinion, meant to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up!
Workout: I do a mix of Crossfit and yoga. I like the high intensity of Crossfit, and I like to stretch it all out and keep it calm with yoga.
Go-to products: BB creams. For skin care, I use coconut oil on my body and face. I wash my face with CeraVe cleanser. For shampoos, I like to switch it up pretty frequently. I don’t like to use the same shampoo and conditioner, because I feel like my hair gets used to it and it can make my skin break out.
Superfoods: I like to eat anything green. Kale, salads, vegetables; I also love carrots, and I eat a lot of chicken and fish.
Drink of choice: Water! It’s super important to drink lots and lots of water throughout the day because it helps with everything, like keeping your energy up and maintaining overall health.
Fragrance: My favorite smell is lavender, so I’ll use anything with that scent.
Sunscreen: I like sports sunscreen because it stays on longer and is sweat-and water-resistant.
Toothpaste: I don’t use a specific type of toothpaste, but whatever I buy is always a whitening toothpaste, and I use Listerine mouthwash along with it.
Nail polish: Either a light pink that is slightly clear or a good beige or nude color from either OPI or Revlon.
Favorite indulgences: A nice vacation or a really relaxing spa day.
Body work:
I like to get an adjustment from a chiropractor and do holistic healing. It’s a good way to feel physically healthy.
Beauty rule… Positivity! The happier and more positive you are, the more attractive you are. Never wear a frown.
Sleep requirements: I try to get anywhere from eight to 10 hours of sleep—12 if I’m lucky!
Hair care: Because I get my hair done every day with heated tools for my job, I like to do deep-conditioning treatments with coconut oil. All that heat can make my hair really dry, so the oil helps keeps it moisturized and healthy.
Beach habits: I usually stay at the beach anywhere from one to three hours, and I wear a lot of sunscreen.
Beauty is… Being happy

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