Tall Tales With Karlie Kloss

by The Daily Front Row

Karlie Kloss caught us up on fame, the Super Bowl, and Valentine’s Day. Oh, and her towering stature. Can you guess the only fashion glamazon who’s taller than Karlie?

Do people get starstruck by you?
No, but they’re shocked to see how tall I am in person.

Are you always the tallest gal in the room?
L’Wren Scott is the only woman in the world who’s taller than me. We have tall girl moments when we’re together. It’s not easy being tall!

You were at the Super Bowl! Did you miss the ads?
I TiVo’d the entire show because I was upset about missing the commercials!

Valentine’s Day is soon! What’s your favorite epic love story movie?
The Notebook
. You can’t go wrong with Ryan Gosling.

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