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Talking Ink! With Lake Bell

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A totally tatted moment avec Lake Bell at the Band of Outsiders show. Turns out, finding oneself mostly nude on a cover isn’t as easy as one might think…

Have people recognized you from your New York magazine cover?
No, because traditionally I walk around with clothes on. My husband (tattoo artist Scott Campbell) has gotten people wanting that tattoo. Nobody’s being gross.

What’s it like seeing yourself naked on newsstands everywhere?
I’m proud of the picture. It’s obviously not the cover of Hustler. A cover feels like your other life, it doesn’t feel like you.

Was it more surreal to see your cover turn in any particular places?
It’s more awkward at the airport. To feel schlubby and look for something to read for taxi and take off, and then to fall upon thy nude self…That’s more jarring than anything.

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