Take A Look At Today’s Most Bespoke Dating App: Love the App By Dr. Elena Eustache

by The Daily Front Row

Would you be surprised that amidst COVID,  worldwide use of dating apps has soared 18.4% since 2019. Predicting the widespread shift towards digital matchmaking, which COVID only accelerated (not induced),  love expert Dr. Elena Eustache has created perhaps the market’s most bespoke, sophisticated, and personally attentive dating app service. With a background in working with celebrities and athletes, Dr. Eustache built a reputation for finding high-quality matches that would transcend the simple hookup experience.

The aim behind her dating app- Love The App- was to automate this experience for a discerning clientele who had higher aims than just a one night stand or casual get together.  Specifically, Dr. Eustache’s new dating app offers a much more bespoke and customizable experience.  Love the App users get to input what they’re looking to gain from the dating app and then get reverse-engineered guidance based on their criteria. Users seeking more attention and personal care also have the option to select private one-on-one matchmaking services from Dr. Eustache.

To learn more about Dr. Elena and Love the App and more, visit her website.

Written by Magdalena Munao
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