Tacori Talk! With Brand Ambassador and Blogette Wendy Nguyen of Wendy's Lookbook

by The Daily Front Row


The diamond-adoring bauble purveyors at Tacori have a new gal in the mix: meet Wendy Nguyen of blog Wendy’s Lookbook, who’s been tapped as the luxe jewelry line’s brand ambassador. We chatted up Nguyen for a few pointers on accessorizing (as well as getting proposed to, should that be on your to-do list du moment…)! 

How did you get involved with Tacori?  
I met a few members of the Tacori team at the Lucky FABB Conference a year ago. We chatted about jewelry, photography, and film. And over the next few months, we started talking about video collaboration ideas and designing a custom jewelry piece.  Over time, we brainstormed ways to work together at a deeper level, which led us to a brand ambassador relationship. I greatly appreciate Tacori’s values, their passion to create beautiful jewelry pieces, and forward thinking approach to new media.  â€¨â€¨

We’d love some jewelry styling tips, s’il vous plait
Have fun with layers In my humble opinion, the key to stacking multiple bracelets with various band widths is having a ‘connector’ piece. Basically, an item that unites all of the pieces together. For example, a mixed metal bracelet or watch will help create a cohesive look when stacked with silver and gold bangles. A black onyx stone ring can help bring together vintage style thick bangles stacked with a few thin bracelets.     â€¨â€¨
Do you have a favorite bling moment? 
My most beloved jewelry memory was when my boyfriend gave me a promise ring à la Love Actually style. Just like in the movie, he appeared at my doorstep with messages on large cards, and on the last one, it revealed a small box with a ring in it.  I cried.  A lot.  â€¨â€¨

Given your name, what’s your order at Wendy’s?  
I love Wendy’s and have eaten there countless times in high school. I usually get their Jr. bacon cheeseburger. I was actually named after Wendy in Peter Pan, though, and my brother’s name is John, like Wendy’s brother in the story. 

Adorable! So, Tacori does some fun stuff in their ads, like those shots of engagement rings dripping in honey: Would you ever coat yourself in honey?
Sure, I’ve heard honey does wonders for your skin!  â€¨â€¨

Tacori makes gorgeous engagement rings: any advice for gals trying to get a guy to propose?
This is a tough question.  It’s such a personal thing that I don’t think I’m in a position to give advice. I think a proposal is one of the happiest moments in a couple’s life, and it should come from a honest, sincere, and thoughtful place. Now, if a guy is looking for creative ways to propose (with Tacori, of course!), I’ll be more than happy to suggest a few ideas!  

Lastly, what’s the day-to-day like for you as a blogger?  
My morning usually starts with reading and answering emails, comments, and business inquiries. By early afternoon, I’m in production meetings for our video content. We brainstorm, plan, and throw a lot of creative ideas around. By late afternoon, we plan blog posts and head out to shoot photos. I get the photos back shortly afterwards and start working on the blog post. By night time, I’m either writing a blog post or filming a video for our YouTube channel.         


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