TABAYER Debuts Fabulous Emerald and Diamond Jewelry in Paris

by Charles Manning

Last month in Paris, Nigora Tabayer debuted the second collection for her eponymous jewelry brand with a cocktail party and sit down dinner inside the Ritz hotel’s Vendôme room. Notable guests included Caroline Vreeland, Lena Perminova, Rania Fawaz, Fatima Almomen, Jessica Kahawaty, Karen Wazen, Elizabeth Sulcer, and Leonie Hanne, who enjoyed a series fabulous live performances throughout the night.

According to Tabayer, “The Third Eye Series,” as she titled the collection, was designed to encourage positive introspection and the trusting of one’s intuition, while also expanding on the themes of energy, movement, and freedom, which were introduced with Tabayer’s first collection in March. Earrings and rings are the focus and feature an interpretation or extrapolation of Tabayer’s signature eye emblem, rendered in emeralds and diamonds.

“I don’t want to create solely beautiful jewelry,” said Tabayer. “I want to be sure that the collections I produce have deeper meaning, and that they all have this element of protection. The Third Eye Series builds on this theme while adding more playful elements. It also reminds us to connect with our own third eyes, and to listen to our instincts, allowing us to see beyond the obvious.”

Check out more pics from the event below. TABAYER’s “The Third Eye Series” will be available in stores starting on October 27.

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