Sydney Blank Tells All About ‘Achieving Model Skin’

by Freya Drohan

While TikTok might soon be banned from the US, many learned about careless, effortless spending. In particular, one genre trend was the duping of overpriced skincare lines for more affordable and just as useful products.

The reviews and daily trial videos provided a sense of authenticity, versus blind trust of product-sponsored cosmetic ‘gurus.’ While other social media platforms continue the trend, SkinBySyd is one standout skincare line that screams legitimacy.

This skincare line was founded and financed by model Sydney Blank, who has been in the fashion industry for a decade and counting. Honestly, who could be more proficient in achieving ‘model-smooth’ skin than someone who has taken the torment of caked-on makeup followed by stripping layers from cheap cleansing wipes?

“I was always protective of my skin, and I never really liked the products makeup artists would use, so I became very good at bringing my own products, cleansers, and toners that I concocted, which sparked the initial idea for my own line,” Blank said.

SkinBySyd (courtesy)

Blank’s lustrous, radiant skin prompted people in the streets to pause and ask her what she used to achieve clear skin, to which she would simply reply, “Skin by me, Syd.” The name rolled off the tongue, and Blank executed her plan, starting with an aesthetician certification.

Since this business was standing on her very name, it was important for Blank to create the perfect clean products that would work for every skin type and every gender. However, the young entrepreneur struggled to find the right lab to create fragrance, paraben, and cruelty-free beauty treatments.

“When I finally found the right lab, I started testing every ingredient right away,” Blank said. “I tested every sample on myself, and some weren’t that nice; some caused a breakout, and I would have to start over, but that was the point…If it made me break out, then I definitely wouldn’t want anyone else using it.”

When SkinBySyd finally launched, Blank decided to let word of mouth be her marketing strategy. She was confident her effective line would result in positive feedback.

The brand guarantees transparency, which is why SkinBySyd has an abundance of loyal customers ranging from “athletes in college who have never had a skincare routine to the Tribeca moms that are fabulous skincare enthusiasts.”

Of course, it is always scary to try new products or introduce a new one into the daily routine, but SkinBySyd is entirely vegan, and dermatologist approved. Perhaps, it is safest to try the bestseller, Radiant C&E Complex serum, which obviously works for a diverse group.

Regardless of skepticism, Blank holds her integrity and only releases well-tested products — her latest smooth lip secret will be revealed this week!

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