Surf Lodge Is Returning This Weekend for a Special Concert

by Eddie Roche
Surf Lodge

In today’s “Cabin Fever Diaries,” we check in with the queen of Montauk aka Jayma Cardoso, the owner and Creative Director of The Surf Lodge. Things are obviously going to be a little different this Memorial Day weekend, but she and her team have put together a special treat to soften the blow. She tells us what’s in store and how she’s been spending the last few months.

Where are you right now and who are you with?
I’m in Montauk with my son John Jr. I feel very blessed to have him in my life.

When do you predict Surf Lodge will open doors again?
Always optimistic, I’m hoping this summer but as of right now it’s hard to say. I’m aiming for July. But, virtually we’re opening this Memorial Day Weekend with THE SUN STILL SETS a remote concert with performances by Snoop Dog, Rufus Du Sol, Sofi Tukker and Bob Moses and DJ sets by Hannah Bromfman and Brendan Fallis and DJ Ollie Benz. We partnered with Gov Ball and Bumble to bring a taste of The Surf Lodge in Summer into people’s houses. I hope the concert takes a little bit off or the sting of not being able to celebrate the start of summer with our friends, family and band partners. It will be available on at 6:30 pm and will last about 2 hours.

Any indication now of how it will be different?
I guess the world is different. The new normal has yet to be determined. My main concern is the safety of guests and staff. In the coming months we’ll have a better idea of what the new normal is, but, for now we will be focusing on virtual; be it our concert series, wellness classes, and home chef tutorials via our executive chef Rob Sieber.

How have you been spending your time these past few months?
Evolving how The Snow and The Surf Lodge can play a role to our community and guests. Hospitality is about bringing people together and creating something beautiful. This applies to good times and even more so during hard times.

What has been the biggest change to your routine?
People. I didn’t think I liked them as much as I do. The lack of interacting in person. I miss the community that makes up both of our lodges.

What do you miss most about life before the quarantine?
Spring Skiing. I had just gotten my first glimpse of the look and feel of it in Aspen.

What are you doing to decompress?
Hot baths after I read my son to sleep. Put me in the tub with a glass of wine and I am completely oblivious to everything going on in the world.

How are you staying active?
Running around with my 5 year old and I’ve been doing virtual training classes with Isaac Boots and Melissa Wood Health.

Jayma Cardoso (Greg Kessler)

What are you doing to help others?
We closed The Snow Lodge at a very early stage in reaction to CoVid-19. I desperately wanted to help and because we closed long before season end there was an inventory of Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Beanies. I decided to sell all of our branded merchandise with 100% of the sale going to Montauk Food Pantry. We’re exploring doing another line or merchandise with Bumble and have all proceeds going to CoVid-19 relief. As well, all of our virtual concerts benefit causes that support CoVid-19 supporting causes.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found yourself doing since distancing?
Zoom and Google Meet. I think it’s horrific. I just want to see people in person.

What are you most anxious about?
I don’t really get anxious but I find myself wanting to do more to help family, friends and the community. I’m usually a very active person and I don’t like sitting around so much.

What have you been watching on TV?
“Ask The Storybots” it’s funny and silly, which means my son and I Iove it. Oh… and that Tiger show guy. I wasn’t much of a TV person before but I’m pretty sure I’ve watched the entire catalog of Netflix offerings.

What have you been eating?
I’m actually quite surprised, I discovered a new passion… I’m a pretty good Chef. I’m also Brazilian, so I pretty much eat anything you grill on the BBQ.

Jayma Cardoso (Greg Kessler)

Have you accomplished anything since self-isolating? 
I’ve redone my closet. I’ve tossed everything out. I put all my high heels in Tupperware because God only knows when I’ll wear them again.

What music have you been listening to lately?
I’ve been listening to all the acts we have performing over the course of summer for our Virtual Concert Series.

What do you want to do when this is all over?
Travel somewhere exotic. Fly home to Brazil and drink a coconut on the beach.

How has the experience changed your outlook?
I think it’s made me really appreciate and think about all the small things in life I take for granted. Who knew… going to get coffee at my local coffee shop was such a privilege.

Jayma Cardoso (Greg Kessler)

What has been the most surprising thing about this whole experience for you?
How little I actually need. You really don’t need that much, it’s shocking.

What are you feeling optimistic about?
New York City. This town has been through a lot but the people that make it up always rise up even through the hardest of times.

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