Supermodel Sips! Josephine Skriver And Jas Tookes Make Us A Fashion Month-inspired Cocktail

by Freya Drohan

It’s the weirdest fashion month ever, which left us wondering how our favorite models are doing with all this downtime! Without in-person events, there’s no hectic calendars, back-to-back appointments, or late night parties. Instead, they’re spending this usually-hectic time like the rest of us, chilling at home, perusing digital lookbooks, and indulging in some self-care. And if you ask us, the best day of self-care is topped off with a ‘lil happy hour drink. The Daily caught up with runway regulars, IRL besties, and Tanqueray ambassadors, Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes, to hear how they’ve been. 

Josephine Skriver

How are you spending fashion month? 
I’ll be watching at home. I’m still excited for this season, it’s an awesome opportunity to do something different. A lot of designers have been creative and it shows that there’s still ways to have fun with it.

What shows are you excited to watch digitally?
Moschino! It’s always such a fun, extra, and creative show!

Will you watch with Jas?
I’m hoping so, if we’re both together in L.A., then yes! I’ve definitely a few dresses I didn’t get to wear and I’m excited to get dressed up and make a day out of it.

What Spring Summer trend are you excited to dive into?
I’ve been wearing so much black in New York recently, so I’m ready for color. Especially bright and joyful yellow.

Are you missing IRL events?
Yes, it’s been way too long. I miss my fashion family and I hope we can get together sometime soon! Everyone is always so busy, but I miss the intimacy of seeing my friends. I’m looking forward to the family reunion.


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Jasmine Tookes

How are you spending fashion month?
Watching virtual presentations from my couch! I love dressing up for fashion week, but I’m kind of excited to just be in sweatpants and enjoy from afar.

What are you missing about fashion month in person?
I miss just getting to see all of my friends, everyone lives all around the world so it’s always nice when we get to come together in a few cities! When I first started modeling, fashion week was always a crazy time for me as I was walking tons of shows, but as I have matured I actually enjoy going to one or two shows a day, and then getting dolled up for events. So this makes it a bit less crazy for me. I always think it’s good for people to step back and take a break so I would say yes, I’m enjoying it but also a part of me always loves the craziness.

What cocktails have you been learning to make?
I love to make a classic gin & tonic with a twist using Tanqueray London Dry and a lemon zest sugar rim with a fresh mint bouquet. (Ed note: recipe below!) A Tanqueray & tonic is a classic gin cocktail that is simple enough to mix-up for a small get-together you might be hosting for fashion week. It’s also so beautiful when garnished with a mint bouquet, which makes it perfect for any high fashion occasion.

What food are you enjoying at home with your cocktails these days?
I’m currently in Ecuador planning my wedding, so we tried tons of Ecuadorian food! Lots of ceviches and delicious empanadas.

Are you a good cook or do you always order in?
Pre-COVID, I never used to cook, but now I must say I’m getting pretty good! I’ve bought a few cook books and have really enjoyed trying new recipes.

Have you learned to make any new dishes during lockdown?
I’ve definitely learned how to make a delicious juicy steak! My fiancé loves it!

Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes (Courtesy of Tanqueray)

RECIPE: Lemon Zest T&T


1.5oz Tanqueray London Dry

3 oz high-quality Tonic Water

Sugar & lemon zest for the rim

Bouquet of mint for garnish

Fresh ice for the glass

Prep: Combine ingredients in an ice-filled Copa or wine glass and stir. Garnish with a mint bouquet.

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