Super Publicist Jeremy Murphy Celebrates Five Years Since Launching 360Bespoke

by The Daily Front Row

The Daily chatted with Jeremy Murphy, founder of full-service agency 360Bespoke ahead of the major milestone! 

Congrats on 5 years! What are some of your proudest moments since launching 360Bespoke?
So many! First, launching a business that has survived five years, including a pandemic, is incredibly gratifying. I was also incredibly honored to have Cathie Black, former chairwoman of Hearst Magazines, host a “coming out party” for us in her Park Avenue home. We’ve done great work for clients since, including helping to launch Rinna Beauty with Lisa Rinna; debuting Charlie Siem’s album and concerts; promoting fragrance expert Sue Phillip’s work in helping COVID victims regain their sense of smell; working with Stewart Pearce, Princess Diana’s secret voice coach, on his new book “Diana The Voice of Change.” I was also humbled and touched by the outpouring of congratulatory vides from friends and supporters for our five year anniversary. I was going to do a big party but with the pandemic, that was not realistic. And so friends of our brand sent their congrats by video, including Jim Brolin, Andrew Cooper, Eric Rutherford, Cote dePablo, Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Lanter and all our clients.

Who are some of your current clients?
Violinist Charlie Siem, of course. We just teamed with Garrett Neff in promoting his lifestyle brand Katama. Rinna Beauty, which is a fabulous, inclusive cosmetics brand whose products are tested and approved by Lisa personally. We are still working with Go Dash Dot, a brand of accessible and stylish bags started by Hannah Fastov; they celebrate their five year anniversary in 2021, too! Jeff Leatham, the celebrity florist/ artistic director, is still one of our most loyal talents, as is opera singer Iestyn Davies. Aline Pilates, a boutique studio in Brooklyn founded by Carey Macaleer, is incredibly popular with athletes, celebs, media. And we are now working with Nylo, a soon-to-launch “life oasis” in TriBeca.


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Every agency brings something unique to the table. What do you bring?
We’re small and nimble enough to offer personalized, white glove treatment. We can also pivot easily, jumping on news of day headlines, trends, topical events. Our clients trust us and let us do our thing. Every client gets me, day and night but I don’t do GoogleDoc-DropBox-Shared-Drive-Excel Tracker nonsense. I’d rather get press for my clients than update color coded Excel sheets.

Tell us the story behind the name…
I wanted Bespoken PR, but that was taken. My long-time colleague Joe Wilson suggested 360bespoke, which encapsulates everything: we offer a full spectrum of PR needs personally tailored to you.

What’s next for you?
Thankfully, business has grown tremendously after the worst of the pandemic. We are building out categories, including fashion and lifestyle. Personally, I have a humor book coming out in March called “F*ck Off, Chloe: Surviving the OMGs and FMLs in Your Media Career,” which perfectly encapsulates my sarcasm and views of media, woke-ism, overly-officious millennials, and those shared Google Docs, which I loathe. It’s being published by Skyhorse and is already available for pre-sale on Amazon.

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