Summer Sojourns! With Sharon Stone

by The Daily Front Row

Who could resist a few questions with Sharon Stone? The Daily got the 411 on her summer vacay and whether she was naughty or nice growing up! 

Your latest flick, Lovelace, is rather racy. Do you blush easily?
I’m not a big blusher!

Did you have a naughty streak when you were a teen?
I was such a good kid. I went to college and high school at the same time, I had so much work to do I didn’t really have time to get in trouble!

How’s your summer been?
The kids and I went to Italy for the summer. We stayed with my friend and her family in the countryside. It was sensational! Then, we took the kids to Venice.

What did you guys do on your Italian adventure?
My kids ate so much pasta, I’m surprised they didn’t turn into noodles! 

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