Stuart Weitzman Launches #FeelSoGood with Zoe Saldana

by Eddie Roche
Zoe Saldana Feel So Good

One of the most upbeat and sexy viral videos we’ve seen lately is Stuart Weitzman’s just launched #FeelSoGood with Zoe Saldana, a bunch of barely clothed hotties, and a puppy (!!!!) frolicking around a pool in the hills in L.A. Need anything else in life? Trust us this is a goodie! We asked Stuart Weitzman cmo Susan Duffy to fill us in on how it all came together.

Who came up with the campaign?
The campaign is a result of brainstorming with my incredible creative director, Amir Zia. Our goal is always to reveal additional facets of the brand, and we literally started writing treatments that we hoped would be mesmerizing and start conversation. The basis was sexy shoes, gorgeous guys, and a cute puppy, and it evolved from there. Friends working with friends is always magic, and Amir reached out to his friend (director) Nino Munoz who reached out to his friend Zoe. It was a one day shoot in L.A. and literally something incredible unfolded. It was very collaborative. I think we could launch a dozen videos with the material we captured. Zoe was fantastic to work with – such a professional, and the epitome of the Stuart Weitzman woman: confidant, playful, sexy, and accomplished. Women relate to her and want to walk (and party!) in her shoes.

Was the “Feels So Good” song by Jamiroquai picked when you made the short?
Yes. Amir Zia really knows music and found a song that embodied the brand message in an uplifting way.

Who does the puppy belong to?
I don’t believe he’s for sale… but I can understand why you ask.

Is the video only for online or will this be part of a TV campaign?
The video is a social media initiative…but I love your thinking! I think Stuart Weitzman could do an incredibly sexy Super Bowl commercial…stay tuned!

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Shayla June 9, 2014 - 10:07 AM

Who made the lovely swimsuit Zoe is wearing?


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