Why Does Shutterstock Think This Is a Picture of Gigi Hadid?

by The Daily Front Row
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The last time I checked, Gigi Hadid is not a lake surrounded by mountains. However, a recent search for the model on photo licensing website Shutterstock yielded this beauty among its results.

stock images


In this case, it’s because someone decided to tag Hadid in the “related keywords” (along with more appropriate terms like “mountain” and “nature”). Why did they decide to do that? Who knows! Maybe they thought this particular landscape had a certain Gigi-esque quality about it. Or maybe they were hoping to get more eyes on their photo by tagging someone famous. Maybe thye just did it for a lark, thinking no one would notice. Maybe it was just a silly mistake. Whatever the reason, it happened.

This is hardly the only example of odd celebrity photo results on a stock image website. And the problem isn’t exclusive to Shutterstock, either — sites like Unsplash can yield some pretty strange search results too thanks to, shall we say, cavalier tagging. Even Getty Images occasionally yields some curios results. And don’t even get us started on the Wild West that is Google Images. With all that in mind, do you think you can guess which models we searched to get this random set of stock images? Quiz time!

Who is this?

Correct! Wrong!

In addition to falling under "food," "tasty," and "gourmet," this dish is tagged "Kate Moss."

Who dis?

Correct! Wrong!

This image comes up on Unsplash when you search for Bella. Normally, the Hadid sisters bring up a lot of pictures of buildings designed by the late Zaha Hadid (no relation). But swimmers? No idea what that's about.

Who is tagged for this photo?

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Serious question: what do people hope will happen when they tag supermodels in unrelated images? Do they think someone who needs a photo of Kendall will see this monkey and say, "Actually, this will work much better for my project!"

Who is tagged on this?

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Fun fact: Colin Farrell is tagged as well! Such versatile hands these are.

Last one — who dis?

stock images
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Naomi got associated with this because of Campbell's soup. Still, you'd think the search results would be a bit more discerning.

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