James Turlington Takes It All Off for Steven Klein and VMan in Social-Distance Photoshoot

by Eddie Roche

We’re going to be seeing creative new ways editorials will be looking in the next few months and the latest comes from Steven Klein and VMan. The renowned photographer enlisted his Hamptons neighbor and IMG Model, James Turlington, to participate in a social-distance photoshoot adhering to all safety guidelines. The shoot was styled by Patti Wilson on Facetime with Turlington dressing himself.

“We were very cautious and careful throughout the shoot,” Turlington wrote on Instagram today. “All of the images of me riding Steven’s horse, Rasta, were taken from his house or from a car. We practiced social distancing and wore gloves while changing clothes to prevent the spread of any germs.  I don’t think any of us will forget this time any time soon but I am happy to have been part of a creative endeavor like this to remind me of forever.”

James Turlington (Steven Klein for Vman)

“Steven Klein contacted me about shooting for Vman while stuck in isolation in the Hamptons,” VMan’s founder Stephen Gan explains. “We came up with this idea for a series of images called ZERO CONTACT, to adhere to all the restrictions we in fashion have to face in regards to shooting social distancing and hooting outdoors from a distance with a zoom lens.”

James Turlington (Steven Klein for Vman)

“Patti Wilson styled remotely, she sent a box of clothes up to the Hamptons and James dressed himself in Steven’s horse stable,” Gans continutes. “The resulting drone footage is to me inspiring. Steven from inside his Jeep shot James running on a country road. It shows how it’s time to be clever, but still safe, while shooting. And it also shows how necessity is the mother of invention and how relentless and unwavering creative spirits can be during a dark period like this. Every measure was taken to ensure the photographer and model kept a distance from each other, and that the rules were respected. Further additions to this body of work will be shown within the coming weeks.”

Check out the rest of the images on VMan.com.

James Turlington (Steven Klein for Vman)

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