Stella Maxwell Looks Back On Some of Her Best Moments

by Eddie Roche

If you’re a regular reader of The Daily, you’ve likely noticed our longtime infatuation with Stella Maxwell. Can you blame us? Before our very own eyes, this breathtakingly beautiful woman has achieved icon status in the fashion world. We caught up with our longtime muse to reminisce on some of her most cherished moments and what matters most to her in life.

You’ve done so much since you started your career. What have been some of the highlights?
I have had so many amazing experiences throughout my career. If I had to choose a few I would say working with Donatella Versace. I always love shooting with the Versace team and walking their shows. I love, love, love Jeremy Scott, and collaborating with him on so many amazing projects has been so fun. We’ve gone to the Met Gala together twice with Moschino and in fact, we went to the moon together last season for Moschino fragrance.

When did you start to realize that your career was taking off?
I remember walking a show for Marc Jacobs and thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe I’m doing this!” And then I walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret and that was really a wow moment in my mind.

What photographers and stylists taught you the most about taking a good photo?You learn so much from working with good teams. I don’t know who to credit for that. I think it’s a collaborative effort among hair and makeup and the photographer and stylist and myself. I have been blessed to work with so many amazing artists.


What was your scariest moment on the runway?
Well, there have been a few. I think some of the scariest moments have been when I saw a shoe that was way too tall and way too big at the same time. But I have learned it’s all part of the job. Anyone who says they never get nervous before walking a runway show isn’t being honest. Having said that, I always enjoy the adrenaline rush.

What’s been your favorite place to travel for the job?
Los Angeles! Maybe not the most creative answer. I’m not sure if you were expecting a tropical location or remote destination. But I really loved L.A. the first time I visited and I have loved it since. It’s my home.

Who were the most helpful people to you at the beginning of your career?
The most helpful people to me were my family. My parents and siblings are my everything. After that, my dear friend and photographer David [Mushegain.] He has encouraged me and been there for me.

What do you do with the covers and editorials you’ve been featured in over the years?
My mom saves them all. I personally am a minimalist, so I rely on her.

Some models miss family events or group travel excursions with friends. What has been the biggest sacrifice for you as a model?
I try to keep a balance between work and family. I’m so blessed to have a job that gives me the opportunity to travel and see my family fairly often. Of course, you miss out on moments you would like to be there for, but I think anyone with a job makes sacrifices and has to find that balance.


What has been your favorite pastime on set or waiting for a runway show to begin?
Talking with my sis Irina [Shayk.] Or texting, if we aren’t at the same show. Friends are everything. A good book or podcast is always a great way to pass the time backstage.

What are you still eager to accomplish professionally?
I’m just getting started. So many things to do! Not even sure where to begin. I have a few projects that I will be announcing soon that I’m really excited about. Stay tuned!

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