Stealing Beauty: Top Model Secrets, Starring Jac Jagaciak

by Eddie Roche


Wondering how the top girls do it? The Daily Summer convinced 10 of the biggest names in the fashion game to spill their beauty secrets. Enjoy, take notes, and discuss! Up next? Jac Jagaciak dished up her must-haves, must-do’s, and much more.

Agency: IMG

Height: 5’10”

Hometown: Poznan, Poland

Claim to fame: At age 13, she booked a Hermès campaign alongside Daria Werbowy that was shot by Peter Lindbergh.

Go-to products: “I don’t use a lot of products to begin with. I narrow it down to : moisturizer, at this moment Hydra Beauty Crème by Chanel; makeup remover from Bioderma; oily eye makeup remover from Chanel; and a bit of concealer from Laura Mercier.”

Morning routine: “I’m not a morning person. I don’t even pay attention to how I look for the first two hours of the day—I just try to survive. Then I might try to fix my hair a bit or do some magic with mascara.”

Workout: “I exercise when I feel like my mind and body need it. It is a perfect moment to get rid of all the thoughts and questions in my head or just start off a good day. I like to put on my running shoes and go for a quick run by the river because it doesn’t take any preparation and planning. I love Bikram yoga, but it takes more effort to go to the studio, so I don’t go as often as I wish I would.”

Fragrance: “Chanel’s Chance.”

Nail polish: “Ballerina by Chanel.”

Sleep requirements: “I can sleep for 14 hours if I don’t set five alarms on my phone, but I noticed I feel best after seven or eight hours of sleep.”

Beach habits: “I’ll stay on the beach until it gets dark or my drink is done.”

Beauty advice: “Don’t get obsessed. Nobody’s perfect, right?”

Beauty is… “Something that everybody has. It definitely shows more when you’re confident.”

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