Fashion Week Is Approaching! Here Are The Top Accessories Trends To Spot On The Street

by Julia Oakes

As we giddily anticipate New York Fashion Week, we’re looking back at the most recent runway outings for a better read at what’s trending for Spring Summer 2022. We’re predicting a sweet blend of old faves and some firsts, from classic bows to… wrestling helmets? That, and a 100% chance of warm weather sartorial bliss! You might want to take note… 


While we’ve seen our fair share of bows in seasons past, the tied-up accomplice remained a go-to for designers for Spring Summer 2022. Whether fastened to a bright pick frock (just as Alber would’ve wanted!) or sitting fancily on a neckline, a bow seems to always be what the fashion docs ordered!

Unexpected hats

Perhaps the most experimental trend on the Spring Summer runways this season is the headpiece—and in this case, we mean literally anything that designers could get their hands on to use as an outfit topper. New iterations from wigs and umbrellas to beaded bonnets and, yes, wrestling helmets are giving the traditional seasonal sunhat a huge run for its money. And we like it!

Larger than life jewels

Go big or get off the runway! This season, designers had a love affair with oversized gems, and these statement jewels are proof of it. From here on out, there’s no such thing as a bauble that’s too big. We don’t make the rules!

Matchy-matchy caddies 

We don’t just mean any matching carryalls—we’re talking same-fabric, indistinguishable-from-your-outfit kind of matching. Sure, it might be extra, but we’re all for it.

Gorgeous, gorgeous… gloves and gauntlets!

This 17th century-era trend is making a comeback in 2022, but with tasteful variety. From elbow-length opera gloves to flirtatious lace minis, there’s truly no shortage in the arm candy department. And, according to the runways, there won’t be even when the cold weather leaves.

Eye-catching shades

Eclectic eyewear is nothing revolutionary, and the Spring Summer 2022 collections are making a convincing case to invest in a pair…or a few. While unusually-shaped optics may not be optimal for protection against UV rays or driving glares, there’s no question we’ve got room for them in our wardrobes.

Linking up 

What’s an accessories highlight without some hardware to spice things up? Fresh off the runways for Spring Summer this year is a convincing collection of chains, links, and decorative shackles. Found belted around the waist, hoisted around the neck, and held at the wrist, links and chains have made their mark on the SS’22 catwalk.

Retouched gladiators

Bring out the open-toed crowd! Revamped, retouched, and inarguably irresistible, the SS ’22 gladiator sandals are making waves and breaking bank accounts—namely, ours. Whether you’re more of the laid-back, tassel type or the knee-high leather fan, you’re in luck.

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