Spritz Blitz

by The Daily Front Row


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The Charleston! The Bunny Hug! Jazz up your swanky nuptials with a ‘20s twist and plenty of joie.WHAT: Charlotte Olympia Perfume Clutch in Pink

WHAT: Charlotte Olympia Perfume Clutch in Pink

WHY: Sometimes an accessory’s prime purpose is to deliver a healthy dose of tongue in chic. Next on your lust list, if it isn’t on it already: this faux fragrance bottle-shaped carry-all from Charlotte Olympia. Faceted enamel gets topped off with a cheeky crocheted and tasseled atomizer, in a rosy hue. Just be careful toting this one through a swank department store if you don’t want to be mistaken for a sticky-fingered belle of the beauty counter, OK?

 $1,295, BergdorfGoodman.com


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