18 Biggest Trends From the Spring 2019 Shows

by Aria Darcella
Spring 2019 trends

Four cities, more than four weeks, and hundreds of shows later, another fashion month has come to an end. While each city had its own popular styles and stand-out items, there are always a handful of trends that designers the world over seem to agree on. Here are 18 of the biggest trends you can bank on seeing next spring.

1. Fire-Engine Red
Arguably the color of the season, this commanding hue was found on numerous runways, in everything from coats, to dresses, to pantsuits.

2. Bike Shorts
This trend was biggest in Milan, but examples were found petty much everywhere. If you insist on taking Citi Bike everywhere, we insist you be chic.

3. Yellow Statement Coats
Shine like the sun during those April showers!

4. Lady-like Bags
Serious ladies need serious bags to go about their business seriously.

5. Slip Dresses
A sleek way to wear as little as possible.

6. Tie Dye
That thing you did at summer camp to pass the time? Yeah, it’s high-fashion now.

7. Round Bags
You’ll need to edit the contents of your bag a bit, but it will be so worth it.

8. Veils
When you want to go for a no-makeup look, but like, not really.

9. Netting
Nothin’ but net…and some cute shoes.

10. Neck Ruffs
Perfect for adding drama when taking selfies in “portrait” mode.

11. Antique Modesty
Blame it on Batsheva Hay, but this season vintage styles got a modern update that played with ideas of modesty. References to the Victorian era and prairie dresses brought necklines up, and made ruffles an unlikely recurring detail.

12. Gauzy Hands and Feet
Who knew opera gloves were going to be a recurring accessory this season, let alone ones made out of sheer fabrics?

13. Leopard Prints
From leopards, to cows, to zebras, there were a lot of animal-themed prints this season. Honestly it was a menagerie out there.

14. Mega Sequins
Sparkle aggressively.

15. ’80s Prom 
Brightly colored, usually shiny, and voluminous in weird places, mini-dresses with a distinctly ’80s vibe were all the rage. Thankfully, no designer proposed any Pretty in Pink-style sack dresses.

16. Line Drawings
For those who want everyone to know that they appreciate art, but in a delicate way.

17. Faces
From references to artworks, to political statements, to some super creepy vintage pictures, there was no shortage of the human visage on the runway.

18. Feather Accents
Because it’s spring, and the birds are chirping, duh.

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