Beauty Made in Italy Spotlight: Acca Kappa

by Tangie Silva

Acca Kappa‘s philosophy is simple: creating luxurious, top quality products exclusively “Made in Italy” while remaining faithful to timeless values, a love for nature, and respect for the human body. With that kind of dedication, it’s no wonder that the brand has stood the test of time for over 100 years. We caught up with Mayte Landeros, vice president of US operations, to find out what’s next for the company as it sets its sights on the US and is working with Beauty Made in Italy to make it all happen.

The company was founded in 1869. That’s quite a legacy; how was it established?
It all started when our founder Herman Krull, a German with a humble import/export venture in Europe, came across the opportunity to lead a small local brush factory in Treviso, Italy. A born entrepreneur, he combined German precision with Italian artistry to create the perfect combination of superior quality, refinement, and luxury that quickly earned the praise and patronage of some of the most discerning customers in Europe, including members of the British royal family. Since then, every generation of the Krull family has further enriched the legacy of our founder and expanded the business, achieving incredible global growth over the last 25 years. Under the leadership of Herman Krull’s great-granddaughter Elisa Guera, she took the visionary step of leveraging the Acca Kappa brand into a new collection of luxurious body care, skin care, and spa accessories.

It seems like the family had to battle to keep control of it over the years. Tell us about that.
Even in a quiet town like Treviso, global events and European history have presented incredible challenges to the family over the past 150 years. In fact, the business was seized twice during both World Wars and the family had to fight to regain ownership in the aftermath. They actually had to buy their own business back from the prevailing authorities, reflecting their tremendous passion for Acca Kappa and unwavering determination to carry on the family legacy.

Founder Herman Krull and his family

Why do you think it’s stayed in the family including those working for the company?
Love! From the moment our founder, Herman Krull fell in love with Treviso, Italy, and the idea that became Acca Kappa, every generation of Krulls has since left a piece of their souls within the walls of our factory. Over the years, Acca Kappa became the center point of the family history, a testament of endurance and courage passed down from generations that have permeated everyone that joins Acca Kappa and why we have multigenerational families proud to be working with us.

It looks like the company is always expanding into new areas too.
Our CEO Elisa Guera has a wonderfully creative mind and is always thinking of new ideas. We are currently working on a new set of products for a market not yet covered by our current offerings, but we usually like to keep it secret until the product launch and marketing campaigns. Right now, we are very excited about the launch of our new Sfaría collection to celebrate the 2021 Alpine Ski World Championship. The collection consists of a new fragrance that captures the essence of winter, rich hand and lip salves that deeply moisturize hands and lips protecting them from extreme cold, and a handcrafted hairbrush with a beautiful new design. Sfaría is the word for thin, powdery snow. This term evokes the typical fineness of softly falling snowflakes as they descend from a lead-gray sky and silently reach the ground. And a lot of products are crafted by hand as well. We take special pride in our handcrafted products as we believe the unique beauty of each piece lays in the most minimal details and we do not ever compromise on them. Each brush goes through an extensive design phase where we carefully imagine and draft every part of it, from the materials, the shape and size down to the curvature of the edge of the wood frame. Our handcrafted hairbrushes are a labor of love and a work of art from our master craftsmen that will not deliver anything less than perfection.

We saw your brush cleaning tutorial. Any additional recommendations for maintaining a simple yet effective beauty regime?
Many people are unaware that a simple daily routine of brushing hair for 3 to 5 minutes first thing in the morning and before bedtime with a natural, high-quality hairbrush like those from Acca Kappa can have incredible beauty benefits. Night brushing with an Acca Kappa hairbrush provides a gentle scalp massage that can help relieve daily stress for a deeper, more restful sleep. It also stimulates microcirculation which may help contribute to new hair growth. Morning brushing promotes the even distribution of nutrient-dense scalp oils throughout the hair for stronger, healthier hair that has a natural luster and shines and may not fall as easily.

What’s next for the company?
Acca Kappa has always been driven by creativity, quality, and innovation with a deep appreciation and respect for the environment. We are constantly creating new fragrances inspired by nature around us, reimagining existing collections based on our ongoing research to modify even the smallest details that will improve their usability. But most of all, we are always seeking new ways to bring our products closer to nature. Currently, we are in the final stages of launching our new Bio line, a 100 percent biodegradable collection of hair and bath essentials that is as gentle on the body as on the environment.


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