Sports 101 with Adam Brecht: Rock Your Body

by Daniel Chivu

Did you hear the Jets won over the weekend? Chic did! We’re all about football now thanks to our sports expert Adam Brecht.  Break it down, baby!

“In football—just like fashion—it’s about body language. If you can spot a good silhouette, friend, you can understand the hand signals of football.


p>The position: Face front, arms above head, palms facing in.
Fashion: “This is yoga, right?”
Football: Touchdown!

The position: Hands crisscrossed above head.
Fashion: “Don’t talk money or deadlines to me!”
Football: Time Out!

The position: Hand up, palm facing out.
Fashion: “You’re not on the list.”
Football: Illegal contact!

The position: Arms over head, one wrist striking the other.
Fashion: “Rock on, Kylie Minogue!”
Football: Personal Foul!

The position: Both hands on top of head.
Fashion: “This place is so packed, I can’t move.”
Football: Too many men on the field!

The position: Thumb up, elbow flexed.
Fashion: “Booted from the front row.”
Football: Player ejected!

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