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Sports 101 with Adam Brecht: Polo

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 Chic‘s sporting expert Adam Brecht is back with an unexpected lesson on the similarities between fashion and polo.

“Back to sports school for you! This week: polo. Fashion Week is coming, and I know you want to chat up the polo players representing various brands. Draw near and learn a few things about my favorite sport!  It’s easy–as polo and fashion have lots of things in common (beyond the obvious).

  1. Venue Glam. Like fashion, polo is found everywhere–from Miami sands to Austin snow to Hamptons and country fields, and beyond. Like fashion, polo is everywhere and now.

  2. Four’s Company. There are just four players per team in polo. Remembering that is easy. Just think of fashion’s basic four: Editor.  Designer. Model. Stylist. Got it?

  3. Work the Circuit. Polo or fashion, players go where the action is. Fashion Week jets around the world, and so do polo pros on tour. But polo follows the sun! Hello! If you played polo instead of going to Parsons, you’d be spending winter Florida, spring and summer in the Hamptons, Connecticut, England or Spain and fall Argentina.  Should you have changed your major?


p>4. Changing Room. Fashion or polo, it’s about change.  Polo players change their horses after each chukka — or period — a minimum of six changes in two hours.  And you thought the fast changes were backstage at Fashion Week! Fortunately, polo players change horses without a player’s feet ever touching the ground. For that secret and more, stay tuned to Sports 101!”

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