Sparkling Statements: 14 Haute Hippie Neckpieces To Kick Off The Holiday Season

by Dena Silver

Looking to add some sparkle to your holiday season? Look no further than Haute Hippie, whose range of neckpieces and chessories are currently at the top of our wish list. Decorated with teeny crystals, embellished with threads of chains, and finished off with a few studs, these artisan-crafted baubles might seem like artwork, but they’re surprisingly apropos for every day wear.

“The concept of statement jewelry has always been a part of the Haute Hippie DNA,” explains Haute Hippie founder and creative director, Trish Wescoat Pound. “From the beginning, we were attaching neckpieces to t-shirts, or really anything we could get our hands on. This collection is an evolution of focusing on these statement pieces and making them stand on their own. We spend a lot of time in India working with artisans on all of the layouts and search the local markets for the next bit that’s going to inspire. All of the neckpieces are hand beaded and hand sewn, which in today’s world is a dying art.”

As for how to rock them? “They’re perfect worn over a t-shirt or under a blazer, to add the rocker edge that is quintessential Haute Hippie,” Wescoat Pound told us. So whether you rock one of these neckpieces to a lavish holiday gala or low-key Sunday brunch, you’re bound to outshine all other accessories in the room.

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