South Fork & Spoon’s Lexi Stolz On Her Delectable Eats

by Dena Silver

Home-cooked din? Post-beach takeout? Neither, thanks to South Fork & Spoon from food concierge Lexi Stolz, who delivers almost-ready meals like the Romantic Picnic or the Sagaponack Pool Bar-B-Que. Stolz also does local shopping lists and will prep your home for your arrival with flowers, A/C, etc. Contact her at: (646) 455-0837; Stolz filled us in on her delicious new venture…

Why did you launch South Fork & Spoon?
I’ve been weekending in the Hamptons for many years and each weekend, my wife and I would arrive to a dark house and an empty refrigerator with nothing to eat or drink. As a busy event planner and restauranteur in New York City, I never had time to stop by all of my favorite local fruit stands, cook shops or flower stands that made our home feel just right. I desperately wanted to relax and make the most of my precious weekends out East. I thought there had to be a solution!

What was the fix?
I started South Fork & Spoon to help clients cherish and enjoy their time by making the weekend transition as seamless as possible so they could spend time with family and friends without the hassle and stress of doing the day-to-day shopping. Our motto is “the weekend starts now”; it empowers our clients to really enjoy their weekend ahead.

What sets your tasty endeavor apart from anything else out East?
South Fork & Spoon is the first service of its kind, offering delicious, gourmet, farm-to-table food and drinks delivered right to your door each weekend. We have three types of services: Customizable shopping lists delivered from an array of local purveyors, weekend home preparation—setting the table, turning on the A/C or heat, putting fresh flowers around the house to make for the perfect arrival—and a variety of ready-to-cook dinner baskets delivered to your home. As the Hamptons becomes more and more crowded, South Fork & Spoon focuses on helping visitors maximize their vacations and experience the Hamptons in the most authentic way possible, with all of the quaint, local touches that make the Hamptons so special.

What kinds of noshes can we expect?
We offer Ready-to-Grill Dinner Baskets with local produce and authentic Hamptons must-haves, a DIY Cocktail Party Basket, Beach Picnic Baskets and The Dessert Project, which offers healthy kid & babysitter friendly dinners with an activity dessert and educational game.

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