Sofia Coppola's Intern Days (At Chanel!), Discussed

by The Daily Front Row

Two delightful nuggets we gleaned from freemium Brit glossy Stylist‘s interview with (girl crush alert) Sofia Coppola: firstly, the director’s initial plans of getting into fashion included a stint as a Chanel intern at the wee age of 15 (helps to have daddy Coppola hit up his pals in fashion, non?). Translation: java runs, “doing intern stuff,” and the ilk for Karl Lagerfeld! Apparently, la Lagerfeld’s still a sweetie to Coppola when he sees her nowadays. Also amazing? The fact that Coppola went the silver screen route with her directorial debut of The Virgin Suicides because she was just too attached to see anyone else make a movie out of the Jeffrey Eugenides book that the film is based on. Though she totally would’ve made a great fashion industry fixture, we are oh so glad Sofia went on to make one of our fave movies, like, ever. 

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