Snoopy & Belle Come to Paris! Featuring: Le Snob

by Paige Reddinger

As part of an ongoing, traveling exhibition to celebrate 30 years of Snoopy in fashion, the pup and his sister Belle have arrived in Paris at the Palais de Tokyo. The duo has already made appearances in New York, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Berlin and now they’ve landed in the city of love. The exhibition features both the original stuffed animal creations from 30 years ago, including one from Chanel, to the new vinyl creations, which everyone from Opening Ceremony to Zac Posen to Isabel Marant and more have designed outfits for. One of our favorites, and the only gold Snoopys in the collection, were from B. Åckerlund (a.k.a. Madonna’s stylist) and Robert Lussier, the duo behind the brand Le Snob. We caught up with them to find out more about Snoopy’s look. Here’s what we uncovered about Snobby Snoopy!

How did Le Snob become involved in this project?
It was decided over caviar and champagne at Caviar Kaspia in Paris with our art consultant Madeline Hoffmann. She is a snob.
What was the idea behind your design for Snoopy & Belle?
We used our Le Snob DNA . First we dipped our Snoopies in 24-Karat gold and then we snobbed them out in matching Le Snob logo mania.
What is your earliest memory of Snoopy?
When we were petite snobs, it was our favorite teddy.Is Snoopy big in Europe?
Well, it is now that Le Snob is in the house.
Do you have a favorite Peanuts character (other than Snoopy)?
We snobs love Woodstock because he is gold!

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