Small Brand Spotlight: The Mom-of-three Who Channels Her Positive Energy Into A Colorful Activewear Brand

by Freya Drohan

If you’ve a soft spot for bright and fun athleisure, the chances are that Terez is already on your radar. But did you know that the brains behind the company is New York City-based Zara Terez Tisch; who’s kept on her toes every day raising three kids under five-years-old and expanding her fast-growing positivity-first activewear brand. Tisch spent time during lockdown connecting with her community online, helping others who are chasing the elusive concept of “getting it all done”. Her solution: hosting free workout and dance classes and always being real and genuine with followers. She tells The Daily about how she brings her upbeat nature and zest for life to every task on her to-do list. 

Tell us about the name Terez?
Terez is actually my middle name! My mother created it after my two grandmothers: Teresa (TER) and Eleanor Zimmerman (EZ).

What’s the brand’s backstory?
I launched Terez, in its former version (making handbags) out of my parent’s basement in 2008. I wanted to create something. Something that made me happy and in turn, made other people happy. We are all on a life journey, full of hills and valleys. Each experience can affect people in different ways—but the one area that can bring people together is joy. I wanted to create a company that celebrated life, the big moments, as well as the small. Initially, handbags were my creative medium for this message; using colorful linings to represent the burst of joy. This transformed as I took the colorful linings out of the bags and created, what is now, a full lifestyle apparel brand.


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Recipe for a good day: ✔️Cozy fleece ✔️Bright printed leggings ✔️Breaking out in a song and dance on the street

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What has changed since day one and what has remained the same?
When starting Terez, I looked to businesses that came before me for guidelines as to what a best practice would look like. A good example of guidelines that we began with that needed to change was the fashion sizing standards. We developed new silhouettes and followed the standard sizing boxes that were used in the fashion industry: S, M, L. When we began, it helped streamline our production process, but it became very clear that this made our sizing exclusive. We needed to change that, and it took time. We wanted to make sure that our quality stayed high and consistent no matter how we extended. We have recently launched some new leggings in extended sizing including 1X, 2X, 3X, and XXS. Our plan is to continue to work on our product, our sizing, and do better, always, as a brand.  As always, our message and our heart will not waiver: Joyful and colorful brand whose hope is that every person who puts on a piece of Terez can feel the joy and energy in each thread.

What’s important to you and the company?
Our mission is to spread positivity as a reminder to live your life fully and celebrate all of life’s bright moments, big and small. It is important for us to be involved in the community and enact positive change, which is why we recently partnered with I am a voter to create a limited edition Voter Legging, encouraging people to exercise their right to vote! We hope to encourage our target demo to both register and get out to vote.

Are you still a small team?
We are most definitely still a small team!


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Sitting pretty in pinto 🐎

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What’s your favorite Terez piece right now and how are you styling/wearing it?
I love our I am a voter x Terez Duoknit Capris. Not only are they super awesome, but they are powerful.

Are you active yourself? What kind of activities or workouts do you like to do in New York City?
It’s funny that I started an activewear company because I was definitely not someone who was considered “active.” I went to the gym in college only one time to make friends. Now, I would say that I am way more active. I love doing Isaac Calpito’s (@isaacboots) workouts. We have the same energy and ethos, and care about the same things. After having this incredible connection in the early months of COVID we partnered and launched a Torch’d x Terez exclusive collection. Our first capri leggings sold out within an hour. We have created this community that just fills me up and makes me smile on a daily basis.

How old are your three children? What does an average day look like for you with both a busy household and a brand to run?
I have a 4 and ¾-year-old (yes, that’s what they like to say), a 3 and ¼-year-old, and an almost-one-year-old, so yes we are very busy. Oh and I also have three dogs! I am still trying to get into a groove after eight months in quarantine, but I still cannot seem to find it. I am always looking for more hours in the day to try and get it all in.

How does your own energy and outlook inspire what Terez is all about?
It has taken a long time to be comfortable saying this, but Terez, the brand, is derived from me. It was born from a place deep inside of me that was scared, dark, and sad. I needed to create good energy; joyful energy that brought me happiness and in turn others. That is why Terez exists. It is a platform that brings people together, that focuses on the good moments in this world and reminds us to stay positive daily. It is a platform that is full of color, vibrancy, and fun. We know who we are, we know why we exist, and we try our best to use that existence for good.

What’s next for the brand?
The vision is to continue to grow and expand our styles, colors, and following. We want to connect with you and bring joy into your world.

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