Siwy Teams Up with Fashion “It” Girls

by Sydney Sadick

In honor of turning 10, luxe denim brand Siwy has announced a new and downright cool collaboration to kick off a decade of denim: a partnership with some of the nation’s chicest “It” girls for a 10-piece capsule collection that shows off their personal styles while utilizing Siwy’s denim prowess. The lineup? Arden Wohl, Byrdie BellChelsea LeylandChristina CaradonaCory KennedyCourtney TropJenny OngKelly AshMarianna Hewitt, and Mia Moretti, the perfect group to take on the challenge of creating looks that epitomize Siwy’s heritage as an LA brand while exuding a New York attitude.

“We are very excited to create a limited edition collection with the amazing girls involved. They all have their unique style and we created a line that captured the individuality of each,” said Jimmy Taverniti, creative director of Siwy. The initial concept was simple. “We wanted to celebrate our birthday with a bang,” said COO Alain Lafourcade. “We do great with novelty denim so we thought, why don’t we work with girls that are style-driven and do a capsule collection?” Not to mention, each girl has quite a strong social media following. Par example: Wohl has approximately 67K Twitter followers and Chelsea has 50.6K on Instagram. Together, they have a network of their own.

The 1o-piece capsule features an assortment of jeans, trousers, a dress, an overall, a jumpsuit, and even a jogger, each named after the girls and their personalities. Seriously—Mia’s jean is called “Mia Big Daddy” and Byrdie’s is “Byrdie Seduction.” The girls worked closely with the Siwy design team through meetings and Skype sessions to discuss fit, wash, fabrication, treatment, and other elements of creation.

The collection is launching on Shopbop nationwide,, and is now available at Ron Herman, at prices ranging from $150 to $375. We want in!

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