She's So Lucky, Part 13,423: Nicole Richie

by Daniel Chivu

(LOS ANGELES) Kicking off the new year, L.A.’s trendsetters gathered at the SoHo House last night to celebrate cover girl Nicole Richie and welcome new editor-in-chief Brandon Holley.

“Everybody’s in town and relaxed after the holidays,” said Holley. “I love this magazine so much. I’ve been bringing a little bit of newness to the content that works so well: new pages, new layouts, new photographers and stylists. I’m not going to reinvent it—it doesn’t need it.” Glancing over at a Pucci-clad Richie holding court, the editrix elaborated on the real cause for celebration that evening. “Nicole is the perfect Lucky cover girl. Women love her style and she absolutely represents great taste and youthful fashion. She brings a personal touch to every outfit. Her jewelry and clothing line are consistently featured in our magazine, too.”

The pint-sized actress (who admits she’s always on the lookout for the perfect nude wedge) professed her mutual admiration for the magazine. “I’ve read the magazine since I was a little girl and have watched it change over the years. It’s such an honor to be on the cover,” Richie said. As for Holley’s recent takeover? “I think it’s genius. I love what she’s done. I think it’s very modern and very cool.”


p>Noshing on savory canapés including falafel balls, grilled cheese bites and red onion tartlets, Ginnifer Goodwin and Zooey Deschanel (who posed for the magazine earlier in the day), raised a glass to the starlet. “I’m actually not friends with Nicole, but I think she’s super cool. She’s spirited and seriously owns her style. I’m attracted to people who have that boldness.” Goodwin, who donned animal print, dark skinny jeans and an eclectic mix of jewels for the event, declared, “I’m mixing and matching a ton of designers tonight…how very Lucky of me!”

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