10 Sheet Masks To Experiment With At Home

by Tangie Silva

Everyone’s doing it! Sheet masks are getting major shoutouts from celebs, models, and more. The simple at-home treatments — because STAY HOME! — are a fun way to pass the time and maintain a healthy beauty regime. Here are just a few to cure whatever ails you.

1. To Energize: RODIAL Vit C Energizing Sheet Mask, $18
Inspired by Korean beauty products — always on the cutting edge — this mask is packed with vitamin C to rejuvenate dull skin. It has a combination of hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration and green tea to soothe any irritation while vitamin B3 battles fine lines.

2. To Hydrate: La Mer The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask, $155
If you’re going to splurge, you have to go with La Mer. But it’s a set of six sheets so not that extravagant. You get an ounce of the brand’s The Treatment Lotion for the ultimate shot of hydration. Known as “liquid energy”, it’s applied via a Japanese skin-hugging technology and millions of micro-fibers in the mask. In just five minutes you’ll have your radiant glow back.

3. To Detox: ERNO LASZLO Detoxifying Hydrogel Mask, $16
We can all use a little detox during these trying times. This mask not only clears out impurities from your pores using charcoal but it also exfoliates removing any pesky dead skin cells. An AHA fruit blend gives you that much desired healthy glow while kiwi extract repairs any damaged cells and promotes collagen too.

4. To Smooth: GUERLAIN Abeille Royale Honey Cataplasm Mask, $92
The French beauty brand went all in on this one! Not only is it a mixture of black bee honey and royal jelly sustainably sources from a rare species of bee from the island of Ouessant but the actual mask itself is made from fermenting organisms (think kombucha). Fear not, that just means that it molds to your skin perfectly so it absorbs more effectively. The end result is a smooth, well rested visage. Did we mention it smells good enough to eat?

5. To Turn Back Time: EVE LOM Time Retreat Sheet Mask, $15
Who doesn’t want to turn back the clock à la Cher? Fine lines and wrinkles get a dose of the brand’s signature liposome-encapsulated retinol while still being safe for all skin types including the sensitive ones. In addition to reducing lines, it also supports natural collagen for a plump, firm look.

6. To Brighten: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask $95
This cult classic mask has been scooping up “Best” awards since 2014. The closely held secret is the PITERA formula, a natural bio ingredient cultured exclusively in Japan for the company. Each mask is soaked in it so you get a bright glow. And besides the usual ultra-hydration it also improves skin texture too for an overall smoothness.

7. To Firm: STARSKIN Close-Up Bio-Cellulose Face Mask, $10
Why the long face? Banish saggy skin with a formula of  naturally fermented, vitamin-rich coconut juice, a gravity-defying glacier extract and Tripeptide-1. Refridgerate the mask 10 minutes prior to use for a cooling effect and leave on for 20 minutes to get a more supple surface. Then you’ll be ready for that selfie close-up!

8. To Nourish: EVE HANSEN Antioxidant Sheet Mask, $7
You can reduce redness and skin irritations thanks to a tangerine extract that also delivers a boost of antioxidants. The formula has a red wine extract to diminish dark spots and firm. And yet another extract – this one spinach – strengthens skin helping to repair any damage. Plus, the company is dedicated to clean, natural and cruelty-free products so it’s a win-win all around.

9. To Lift: TATCHA Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask, $95
Consider this the modern update to the timeless mask treatments of geishas. A blend of Okinawa red algae and natural hyaluronic acid lifts and firms skin. The mask is made from coconut for the ultimate penetration; supposedly 53 percent more effective than paper ones. Bonus? Each purchase helps support Room to Read, a global girl’s education program.

10. To Bronze: ST. TROPEZ Self Tan Express Bronzing Face Sheet Mask, $9
Just because you’re locked away in the safety of your home doesn’t mean you can’t still have a healthy glow. The mask’s fibers mold to the contours of your face so it won’t slip or leave tan lines. You get moisturization and can control how deep of a tan you want – 5 minutes for light, 10 minutes for medium and 15 for dark. Start out with 5 to gauge it first!

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