Bask in the Glow of a Semi-Nude Shalom Harlow at the Fall 1997 Dior Show (NSFW)

by Charles Manning

I’ll keep this brief: Shalom Harlow at the Fall/Winter 1997/1998 Dior show was hands down one of the most gorgeous fashion moments of the ’90s. Here’s a photo:

Shalom Harlow (Getty Images)

Stunning. Absolutely magnificent! And I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful pair of breasts in my life. Shalom looks like Helen of Troy floating through Paris’ fever dream. She’s just absolutely divine. Who needs a Tom Ford metallic breast plate when you can just go full Shalom?

John Galliano created this look for Shalom during his heyday at Dior — a mermaid-line sheath dress in antique gold tulle with English garden-style embroidery of pompom roses and chiffon leaf appliques held up by antique gold chains and an embossed disk. Maybe the dress included an actual bodice at some point, but it’s hard to imagine it ever looking any way besides this. (Shalom, if you are reading this, please don’t hesitate to share your memories of this look in the comments below.)

Also, how awesome is it that she is in the midst of something of a comeback right now, following the release of that incredible video of her dancing on the set of the Versace Spring/Summer 2019 campaign shoot.

The Dior show above was more than 20 years ago and the woman still looks like she was carved from marble and kissed to life by the gods.

Here’s another video from that Versace campaign shoot where Shalom talks about the first time she walked for Versace. How lovely is her voice! Doesn’t she just seem like the nicest, coolest, loveliest person ever?

Oh! And who can forget her jaw-dropping turn on the Alexander McQueen runway in 1999! Was there ever a more iconic McQueen moment than that?

Ugh! Shalom, you are a treasure now and forever.

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