Seventies Supermod Pat Cleveland's Nuptial Memories

by The Daily Front Row

This totally deserves an aww or two: amazing ‘70s supe Pat Cleveland and hubby Paul Van Ravenstein reflect on how their met and, subsequently, how they married…


Where did the sparks begin?
Pat: I was being photographed by his sister; Paul was there as a photographer’s assistant. I thought he was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. I went up to him and said, ‘Hi, my name’s Pat. I’ll get you later.’ And I did!

First date details, please!
Pat: I pushed him up against a wall in Paris and kissed him!

Steamy! How was the wedding?
Paul: We got married in Amsterdam, and had designers flown in from all over the world. 
Pat: Everything was on boats, and my dress was handmade by Kevin Arpino of Adel Rootstein. My train was as long as the little church we got married in!

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