by Amir Bakian

Business owners across the world were provided with various opportunities as a result of the global pandemic. According to a study, the majority of the e-commerce sector’s rise was due to the coronavirus outbreak’s immediate impact. Apart from the negative implications of remaining at home, the circumstance also benefited future entrepreneurs and business owners. Marcus Pereira believes that in order to succeed in business, one must first identify the lingering situation and then turn it into a business proposition.

The internet can be a highly rewarding venture for an entrepreneur who plays their cards right. Aside from the potential for profit, online entrepreneurs have the added benefit of being able to work from the comfort of their own homes without having to do any of the usual legwork. The internet also provides a greater audience – instantly connecting a business and its owner to a global audience. Marcus Pereira, who was only seventeen years old when he started his business, was a huge success. Marcus began his journey in Melbourne, Australia, when he was fourteen years old. Marcus was inspired to learn more about the potentially lucrative benefits of an online business model after his first foray into online entrepreneurship–selling trendy products on eBay. Marcus’ early, on-again, off-again forays into eBay were merely a means of increasing his income. Marcus’ dream has always been to live a life of independence with a location-independent income. He desired a job that would allow him to work and earn from anywhere he pleased, with all the benefits it entailed.

Marcus quickly scaled his online business to a high value. Soon after, his brand was making over six figures within a few months, topping out at more than $100,000 in a single month. Marcus’ online success demonstrates that his original ambition of a lucrative, location-independent employment is attainable. To achieve one’s goals, he emphasises the necessity of enthusiasm, consistency, and a clear long-term vision. Marcus, oddly enough, similarly emphasises the importance of unlearning traditional thinking in order to succeed with your passion. To fully flourish as a pioneering entrepreneur, one must overcome the limitations imposed by society and trust that a prosperous life outside of the usual is possible. Marcus argues that by unlearning these, he was able to train his mind to locate and carve out his own path to his goals. Marcus recognised how much further advanced he would be if only the people he had reached out to before had reacted to him. Marcus hopes to assist others in beginning their own enterprises in this way. Marcus aspires to build a legacy as an inspiration to aspiring, like-minded entrepreneurs by responding to prospective entrepreneurs asking for guidance on social media.

You can follow Marcus Pereira’s story on his Instagram. On his website, he helps aspiring entrepreneurs learn from his success.

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