Meet the Kardashians’ Hillarious Go-to Hair Stylist Scotty Cunha

by Charles Manning

Scotty Cunha

Where are you from? Describe your upbringing.  
I’m originally from Johnston, Rhode Island! Literally the landfill of Rhode Island is in my town! My parents were born in Portugal and moved to the states when they were 18 and 19. My mom moved to the USA first and then went back and met my dad, then shipped him to the states. They literally have a box of love letters in Portuguese saved and it’s so obnoxious! My parents would speak to me in Portuguese and I would speak back in English because I’m an only child and a brat and all I wanted to do was be “American!” Of course now all I want in life is to be able speak three languages! My parents have always been so supportive of me and knew I was “different.” My dad tried to make me play soccer and I begged to take dance classes and of course he obliged!

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be dancer / stripper and then, when I was “too old to be a stripper,” I would become a florist and have a gorgeous flower shop and / or plan weddings.

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Do you follow any unusual health or wellness trends?
I’m obsessed with infrared saunas. I want one so badly. I go to Sweat Theory in Hollywood and I text my best girlfriend to turn hers on at her house and pretend I’m visiting her children but really it’s to sauna!

How many haircare products do you use personally? Really. Give us the full rundown.
I’m more of a face and body person! I use whatever conditioner is gifted to me for my slicked wet look right out of the shower and leave it in, but one of my favorites is ORIBE signature conditioner.


Signature Conditioner (33.8 oz), ORIBE (Available at Amazon), $144

What hair stylists do you admire?
I’m obsessed with Serge Normant. His was one of the first hair books I ever saw! He can do artistic architectural fashion hair and also the most gorgeous beach wave!


Metamorphosis by Serge Normant, Amazon, $300

What was the moment when you first felt like you had really “made it?”
My first candid “in the background” of a paparazzi photo on the internet.

What advice would you give someone who wants to do what you do?
Be on time, be yourself, and NEVER GIVE UP!

Was there ever a time when you really fucked up work? What did you do to fix it / move on?
I forgot my blow dryer at the salon for a house call and talked my client into dry shampoo and a ponytail!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Waking up skinny and tan without a hangover, having espresso over ice with a splash of almond milk while scrolling through Daily Mail, then, in French or Italian, asking my pool boy for a LARGE glass of rosé with a few ice cubes while lathering myself in Hampton Sun SPF 15 tanning gel… TANNING DRINKING MORE ROSÉ. Getting day-drunk. Having sex with someone really hot around sunset, then showering, shaving, lotioning, and moisturizing with really expensive beauty products, getting dressed in designer head-to-toe and arriving at a beautiful dinner looking impossibly fresh, with the crispiest bubbliest glass of champagne waiting for me.

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What mistake do you see people making with their hair that drives you nuts?

What is the biggest sacrifice you have made in the name of your career?
Back in the day when I was young and I wanted to be independent and older men wanted to take care of me!

What is something everyone gets wrong about your job?
That it is still a JOB!

What is the biggest issue facing your industry right now?
People who work for free.

What are some of your favorite looks you’ve created for your celeb clients recently?
Kourtney’s Coachella weekend!

Coachella DAY 1🌴🌴🌴♥♥♥ @kourtneykardash #kourtneykardashian

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When was the last time you were truly starstruck?
RIHANNA I was standing next to her and didn’t say A WORD!

What is the most universally flattering haircut / style for women?

If you could give Donald Trump a makeover, what would you do?
Honestly, I say this every day, I wish I could sit in on his glam session. I’m dying to know his routine.

What luxury hair product is totally worth the price?
Every ORIBE product is actually amazing and does what it says and I love it!

Are there any super-cheap hair products that you swear by?
Psssst! dry shampoo.


Dry Shampoo, PSSSST! (Available at Amazon), $5

What would you do if you won the lottery?
I would get every single Goyard piece of luggage in black with brown trim and then get a second pair in fun colors for when I’m feeling sassy! Only fly private. Buy a hotel in Paris and Milano. Buy chateau Miraval. Have an estate in the Hamptons. Buy my parents a house on Cape Cod (which I secretly already promised them). Buy a husband.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Happy Easter! 📸: @joycebonelli

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What is your spirit animal and why?
UNICORN because it’s a UNICORN!

Which Sex and the City character are you?
I mean, I want to say Carrie, but really I’m Samantha.


Who is your favorite old-school supermodel?

Walking into the weekend like…

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Do you know any good jokes?

Do you have any special beauty tricks you’d care to share?
Yes! It’s really the best: spraying hair spray on a toothbrush for fly always. It really works and doesn’t make the hair sticky. But my new obsession is from Jen Atkin’s OUAI: anti-frizz sheets. They really work and have the perfect amount of oil on them and totally tame frizz.


Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets, OUAI (Available at Amazon), $30

What indie / up-and-coming beauty brands are you obsessed with right now?

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