Scent-sational Olsen Intel

by The Daily Front Row

The Olsen twins’ ever-expanding empire just won’t stop…You’ve been watching them since they were wee ones on Full House. You’ve been dressing like them thanks to their plethora of lines (The Row for expense account types, Elizabeth and James for the contemporary set, or J.C. Penney’s Olsenboye or StyleMint line of T’s for less damage to one’s wallet). It’s about time you smell like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, non? The duo is foraying into fragrance in late January according to WWDwith a pair of scents exclusive to Sephora. Elizabeth and James White is a musky floral, while Elizabeth and James Black is a sensual woody whiff. Can’t wait that long? A preview of the scents will be trotted out in time for the holidays from December 13 to 25. P.S. A TGIF-apropos tangent for you: While we’re on the topic of the ultimate twin set, let us direct your attention to this pizza-themed masterpiece from MK+A’s oeuvre

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