Scarf Chic! Singer Estelle Shows Off Her Silky Swaray Collection

by The Daily Front Row

You probably know chic crooner Estelle by her hit R&B tunes and her recently-founded record label, New London Records. But did you know the Brit singer has a scarf line? In her adorable English accent, the singer gave us the lowdown on the silk Swaray collection, from tying tips to plans for the line’s expansion.

Why did you decide to design scarves?
I was on the road for a month performing in Europe and I found that in the depths of Germany, you can’t find anybody who does hair relaxing, so I started wearing scarves on stage. Then my Twitter followers would be like ‘how did you tie that?’ and ‘are these your designs?’ I was wearing Givenchy scarves at the time! From there, I decided to just make my own collection.

How do you scheme up the patterns?
I travel a lot and I collect materials from different places. There’s one print I found in Malaysia. I was on the plane for 23 hours and when I got off, I just needed to go shopping! So I went out with a few of my friends and we came across a few prints. Two of them made it into the collection.

Why did you choose black silk for all of the scarves?
I have my Hermés and Lanvin scarves, which are beautiful and have so many different colors, but I can’t wear them at work. If I wear bright scarves with big earrings, people think I’m crazy. And they’ll start calling me the Chiquita Banana lady!

Got any family in the fashion industry?
Not at all! But my grandmother was great at making things. She’d cut down curtains and make dresses out of them, so she definitely loved materials.

Where does the name of the brand come from?
My family name is Swaray, so the label is kind of like a rebranding.

Do you offer tips for how to tie your scarves?
Each scarf comes with a guide that teaches you how to tie them in four major ways, just the core basics of what people have taught me to do. You can tie it with a ring in the middle or brooch it up, you can accessorize with your jewelry, and I’ll also tie one around my bag. Surprisingly, guys have been tying it around their faces, which is awesome to me!

And what’s next for Swaray?
We’re going to do our next collection in white silk. In the future, we we will expand the brand into a lifestyle label.

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