SCADstyle Denim Intel, Part 1: Scott Morrison On The Question That Pushed Him To Start 3×1

by Dena Silver

Editors ask a lot of questions. So it’s nice to see those inquiries lead to the formation of a brand: 3×1. Founder (and super serious denim guru) Scott Morrison explained to the SCADstyle crowd this week how one repetitive question spurred his desire to create a whole new approach to denim. Check back tomorrow for more denim intel from industry leaders…

“The catalyst for starting 3×1 four years ago was really a culmination of a lot of magazine editors asking the same question over and over: ‘What makes a great jean versus a jean you spend $20 on?’ When I would explain what that meant, people’s eyes would gloss over, which meant that they didn’t understand what I was describing. They’d never been to a laundry, they’d never been to a mill, and they’d never been to a sewing factory. I thought that this intense experience, which I fell in love with many years ago, was also something that other people would want to experience. So, I just thought I’d build a shop in Soho, put the factory behind glass, and invite people into the conversation as we design their stuff. And that’s exactly what 3×1 is. It’s an 8,000-square-foot space in downtown New York. We have a ready-to-wear collection, or you can go through the process of customizing a pair of jeans, where you build the jeans from start to finish. You don’t have to actually sew them, though; we’ll do that for you. The idea is that you get you pick out your denim, threads, colors, back pockets…basically any detail on the jean, you can make your own. That’s a pretty powerful statement for a lot of people. We also do a bespoke service, which is totally made-to-measure.”

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