Say What? George Clooney To Wear Giorgio Armani

by Eddie Roche
George Clooney

For whatever reason, speculation has grown that George Clooney will be wearing Giorgio Armani at his upcoming wedding to Amal Alamuddin, to which we say, ‘DUH!’ Doesn’t Clooney wear Armani to basically every high profile function? Google “George Clooney and Giorgio Armani” and 819,000 results come up. (Compare that to the measly 135,000 results that come up when you plug in George and Men’s Wearhouse.) Still, insiders have told WWD that a team from GA’s Milan office went to the actor’s home in Lake Como, Italy for a fitting. Shut the front door. What we find more intriguing is the rumor that his bride-to-be will be wearing Oscar de la Renta. To which we say, ‘Yes!’

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