Sarah Jessica Parker Covers Marie Claire’s September Issue

by Kristen Heinzinger


Another September cover star to celebrate: Sarah Jessica Parker, who fronts Marie Claire’s Fall Fashion issue in a shot by Michelangelo di Battista. EIC Anne Fulenwider—who first met SJP in the ’90s as a PA on the set of If Lucy Fell—gives us the scoop on the NYC style icon in a feature called “The Art of Being SJP.” She talks about everything from starring in and executive producing her new show Divorce (coming to HBO in October), and how it’s nothing like Sex & The City, to being a modern day woman to her shoe line, and more. Read the full story when the issue releases August 16. Until then, a few highlights, below…

On marriage and divorce…
“For me, it’s really the investment in the other person. And it’s the expectations you have. They change and you get smarter, and maybe you think those expectations aren’t worth striving for with this person, and that’s when people bail.”

On her new show being compared to Sex and the City
“I love the way the pilot episode opens because everyone’s asking, “Oh, is this a spin-off of Sex and the City?” And the moment that the opening scene ends, and you see her give him the finger, you know it’s very different.”


On being a feminist…
“I am not a feminist. I don’t think I qualify. I believe in women and I believe in equality, but I think there is so much that needs to be done that I don’t even want to separate it anymore. I’m so tired of separation. I just want people to be treated equally.”

On the gender pay gap…
“I would like all of that nonsense to end. I would like women to get paid for the value of their contributions, not by old-fashioned ideas about gender.”

On other actresses speaking out in Hollywood…
“Listen, Jennifer Lawrence deserves every bit as much as her male counterpart. It’s indisputable. Emma Watson is an amazing young woman, and it’s important for her to talk about women’s issues. She isn’t concerned about herself. Women are paying the bills, getting it done, getting the kids here and there. The more we address that, we are all going to be better.”

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