Samantha McGregor Gives New Business Owners Lessons On Perseverance And Tenacity as Digital Strategists

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Running a business takes many guts, a lot of risks, and involves trying, failing, and trying again. The number of hurdles a business owner has to overcome is massive. There are tough days from the start of the business to the scaling-up phase and every other stage of running a business. Samantha McGregor says that getting through these challenging days will determine whether an entrepreneur is ready for business. Entrepreneurship is no walk in the park. To succeed at it, you need to persevere and be tenacious, says Samantha McGregor, a digital and email marketing strategist and consultant.

There are many erroneous beliefs that entrepreneurship is the surest way to getting freedom. Some of these  entrepreneurship preachers do not highlight the hard days involved in running a business. They often leave out stories of the days when resources are hard to get. They erase from their entrepreneurship gospels the sleepless nights and bouts of loneliness that many business owners deal with. Samantha McGregor, a digital marketing consultant with years of experience working with top SaaS start-ups, believes that the complete entrepreneurship story must be told so that those who want to get into it know what to expect. “Instead of venturing on the sometimes-lonely road of entrepreneurship with the fairy-tale idea of ease and freedom, it is better budding entrepreneurs know what they are getting into. And what is expected of them: tenacity and perseverance. Having a strong will to succeed in the face of difficult situations makes a business survive or die. The business world is not friendly. The market is tough, and the resources are scarce. The expectations are high, and the competition cut-throat. Therefore, if you’re not ready to stick it out, hold on to the passion and build tenacity; you’d better not start the journey. Samantha does not believe in sugar-coating the truth about running a successful business. She says it is best to know what you’re heading into, than enter entrepreneurship with an illusion of safety and ease and then find yourself ruffled by the winds. The tenacity and perseverance a business owner shows are directly proportional to how long the business will last. Samantha McGregor has helped many struggling businesses stay afloat and thrive. And having worked with some of the most successful business owners in the world, like her mentor Wojciech Gryc, Samantha understands what it takes to grow a business. When a new business starts, it is vital that the owner(s) know that there will be tough days and are ready to face those tough days, Samantha says. Business owners need to understand that the marketplace is not friendly to newcomers (even old businesses still face their fair share of struggles). And so must rough it out when the bad days come.

The beautiful thing about tenacity and perseverance for an entrepreneur is that it builds a strong character. And every successful business must have powerful characters running them; else, they’ll sink faster than they started. To follow Samantha McGregor ’s journey and get first-hand info, check her pages on Instagram, Facebook  and website today!

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