Salma Hayek on Fall Beauty, Making Smoothies, and Her Edible Face Masks Line

by Kristen Heinzinger

What’s bringing together Salma Hayek, Juice Generation, and beauty? A line of face masks that are 100 percent edible, called BIY (Blend It Yourself). The actress and juice co. created the smoothie, face mask, and bowl subscription service, which delivers prepped and portioned ingredients so customers can concoct face masks at home. We caught up with Hayek about BIY and her beauty prep for Fall.

Are you big into DIY?
I have been making DIY beauty treatments for years and years. I grew up in Mexico and my grandmother taught me how to do masks in the kitchen. The first one was when I was a teenager and it was made with oatmeal, chamomile tea, and honey. I remember trying to lick it off my face because it tasted so good. She also taught me at an early age the importance of scrubbing, especially around the elbows and knees. We always had a lot of fun mixing together ingredients like peroxide, baking soda, lemon, glycerin, and salt.

Does your daughter, Valentina, make the DIY Face Masks with you?
When Eric [Helms] and I were developing BIY, we bought all of the ingredients at Whole Foods and spent the day in the kitchen with Valentina and her friend Rowan Blanchard. I showed Eric and the girls the difference these ingredients make when you apply them on your face. Then we started eating the mixtures because the ingredient properties also enhance your beauty from the inside out. We whipped up 20 different recipes together. 

How does your skincare routine change when transitioning to Fall?
When work is very busy in the Fall, I have to wear makeup a lot more. I try to let my skin rest and breathe when I can. I go back and forth from Los Angeles to Europe a lot. Flying tends to dry out my skin, so I keep my face as clean and moisturized as possible. Nuance AM/PM Anti-Aging Super cream makes a big difference to my skin. I always pack a Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask and Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Eye Gels to keep inflammation down. Hibiscus tea helps with water retention.

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