Sally LaPointe Fall 2017

by Sydney Sadick

Sally LaPointe switched things up this season, moving away from the runway and instead adopting an innovative, cutting-edge presentation featuring a collaboration with video director Alvaro Colom. The director brought 16 of the 31 swoon-worthy looks to life via short videos and GIFs, tapping into tech-obsessed culture. Each video and GIF was curated to highlight the movement of the fox furs and feathers (standouts in the collection) while illuminating the textures of rich lace, velvets, and slice sequins, a palette that felt refreshing, rich, and very on point for LaPointe.

“My inspiration for this season was to create a sort of voyeuristic allure, and draw people in to get them closer to the brand, closer to me as a designer,” LaPointe told us. “Presenting the collection in this format allowed for a much more intimate experience.”

The pieces were displayed in a museum-like setting, emphasizing LaPointe’s desire to create moments of intimacy by allowing guests to walk up to each piece and get an up-close look.




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