Salesperson Unconfidential! A Hamptons Shopgirl Tells All

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From The Daily Summer: An anonymous shopgirl fills us in on the bizarre customers and big spenders she’s encountered while working retail out East for more than a decade.

What was your biggest sale ever?
A woman who looked amazing in everything—I think she might’ve been a porn star—dropped about $17,000 on clothes.

Which celebs have you helped?
Jennifer Lopez, Christie Brinkley, Molly Sims, Kelly Bensimon, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Barbra Streisand was the most eclectic and engaging of them all. She was the most approachable, too.

Any dressing room tales?
I’ve found that older women are more comfortable walking around stores naked than women in their twenties. Everyone starts to feel like they’re in their own closet with their naked friends. They even engage in conversation with strangers while standing around half-naked.

Tell us about your worst customers, ever…
There’s the woman with too many children, all holding ice cream cones. Or the woman who demands you bring her every item in the store, and then purchases nothing. Then there’s the name-dropper who expects discounts. And the woman who would have us ship $10,000 of merchandise overseas…only to send it all back!

Any strange encounters?
This wildly blinged-out guy came in with his wife, waving around the keys to a Maserati. They bought nothing, but gave us huge amounts of weed.

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