Saint New York Is the Cure for the Common Deodorant

by Charles Manning

Saint New York was established in 2019 with the vision of upgrading one of the products we use every day — deodorant — to make it slicker, cleaner, and just all around better for you. Because what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body, ingredients matter. Saint New York is aluminum free, paragon free, sulfate free, hypoallergenic, gluten free, and cruelty free. The Daily caught up with Saint New York co-founders Jake McCabe and Alexandra Moosally to find out more about this fresh new bathroom must-have.

How did you guys find each other? Why did you decide to partner up?
McCabe: Ali and I were introduced by a mutual friend. I had been working through the idea in my head of developing a line of product for guys. When I pitched it to her, she loved it and we started that day!

While I have deep experience on the creative side of brand development, Ali’s experience is on the business side and specifically bringing products to market. We are a great complement to each other.

Why deodorant?
Moosally: Jake had been working in beauty. And while creating campaigns and designing products for other brands, noticed there was a gap between the heritage brands and the new indie brands for guys in the personal care space. We joined forces and decided that by combining the energy and aesthetics of streetwear and youth culture with clean formulation, we could connect with a consumer that was/is not currently getting what they want.

Deodorant is unloved, yet it is on every bathroom counter. It is a hard formula to crack because it needs to work. We felt that if we could get a great, efficacious, clean formula and elevate it with a bold design, we would have something really different.

Tell us about this special formula?
It’s a proprietary combination of ingredients that are clean and powered by plant-derived active ingredients. And other than fragrance, our formulation is only 7 ingredients. That is not many, especially compared to the competition. We feel like fewer is better for your skin and health.

Also, more obviously, the design is different. The graphics wrap around and celebrate the information as design. The twist base of the pack is a rubberized grip. It looks and feels great.  And in life, aesthetics matter. Seeing a product that you love the look of, that connects with you, is part of getting on the right confident path every day.

Is it safe for clothes? I can’t tell you how many shirts I’ve had ruined by my deodorant. 
Moosally: Yes it is safe. Any residue after a day of wear comes out in the laundry.

Any plans to move into other products? 
Moosally: We have a series of products that we are currently developing. As we bring them to market, we will make sure that you are the first to know.

Original Scent Deodorant, SAINT NEW YORK, $20

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