WTF Was Happening on the Red Carpet at the 1998 SAG Awards?

by Charles Manning

Twenty years ago, the Screen Actors Guild hosted their fourth annual awards show in Los Angeles, where TV and film stars like Calista Flockhart and Julianne Moore walked the red carpet in the chicest ’90s evening looks. At least, they seemed chic at the time. Didn’t they? Looking at red carpets of the past is always a slightly disorienting experience — what once seemed so fashionable can feel almost painfully dated by today’s standards — but seriously, what were some of these people thinking?

Calista Flockhart wore a silk slip dress with a matching scarf and drawstring bag in sage green (aka J.Crew-wedding-catalog green, aka every-bridesmaid’s-worst-nightmare green).

Calista Flockhart (Getty Images)

A lot of people wore sunglasses, because apparently that was a thing in the ’90s.

Faye Dunaway (Getty Images)

It wasn’t a necessarily a good thing, but it was definitely a thing. Yep, it sure was!

David Duchovny, Tea Leoni, Garry Shandling (Getty Images)

Also a thing: shawls!

Gillian Anderson (Getty Images)

So many shawls.

Julianna Margulies (Getty Images)

Especially sheer black shalws.

Helena Bonham Carter (Getty Images)

But other shawls too. Like this burnout velvet one. Yep, that was happening.

Linda Hamilton, James Cameron (Getty Images)

The point is, no look was complete without a wrap of some sort.

Also, Helen Hunt and Hank Azaria used to be a thing.

Helen Hunt, Hank Azaria (Getty Images)

And statement necklaces! Still with a shawl. ALWAYS WITH A SHAWL!

Mary Tyler Moore (Getty Images)

Here is Robin Williams sporting a statement belt buckle. (How cute is baby Matt Damon, though!?)

Robin WIlliams, Matt Damon (Getty Images)

There were some bold posing choices being made on the red carpet in 1998.

Leila Kenzle (Getty Images)

There was occasional confusion about the dress code. (The show was still pretty new, after all.)

Lucianna Pedrazza, Robert Duvall (Getty Images)

Minnie Driver wore clear plastic shoes.

Minnie Driver (Getty Images)

And Julianne Moore went minimal. Very ’90s.

Julianne Moore (Getty Images)

Ted Turner wore a ruffled shirt that looked dated back then, but, honestly, looks very Gucci now.

Ted Turner, Jane Fonda (Getty Images)

And Kim Basinger wore this giant black tuxedo coat because, well, that was her choice and she chose it. Yes, she did!

Kim Basinger, Curtis Hanson (Getty Images)

What fashion gems will this year’s red carpet hold? Only time will tell.

The 2018 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards are on Sunday, January 21.


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EMC January 17, 2018 - 5:23 PM

Why on earth is this an article in 2018? Literally, who cares? Shawls, green, what.the.fuck.ever.

Do you know what I saw? Beautiful human beings arriving for an awards ceremony that apparently only you remember. It was nice to see Gillian in the rush of newness still, seeming joyous, buoyant even. Calista with her soulful eyes and that half smile that draws you in. David and his irreverent orange sunglasses and his ever-present smirk. Linda Hamilton and James Cameron, seemingly having a happy night, for once, (if we can trust the light in their eyes), Mary Tyler Moore, ALIVE again, for just a moment, and that smile that still, still turns the world on….

Instead of focusing on what you didn’t like or don’t understand, why not point out the things that are wonderful?

Why does everything have to be so negative all the goddamn time?


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