The Royal Facialist Shares the Products Her Clients Can’t Get Enough of

by Charles Manning

Facialist Deborah Mitchell doesn’t like to talk about her work with the British royal family, but she did let a few things slip during a recent call and email exchange, including the product range and services her clients — royal and otherwise — can’t get enough of.

Mitchell, who hails from Shropshire, northeast of London, began her beauty career hoping to find a remedy for her own bad skin. When she left school and began work as an aesthetician, she was disappointed by the lack of quality products available to her facial clients and began developing her own line of organic skin products, Heaven by Deborah Mitchell. Word of mouth among her celebrity clients, including Victoria Beckham, eventually brought her to the attention of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, the wife of Prince Charles.

Mitchell soon began working with Camilla, visiting her at her home to administer her unique treatments on a regular basis. The Duchess was so thrilled with the results that she gifted some of Mitchell’s products to Kate Middleton, including her Black Bee Venom Mask, Hydro Clensing Milk, Age Defiance Moisturizer, Overnight Success Oxygen Cream, and Peppermint Hydrogel.

Mitchell was understandably thrilled when she heard the news and although she was unwilling to talk explicitly about her work with members of the royal family besides Camilla, reading between the lines, it was easy to see that her relationship with Kate (and even Meghan) only grew following that initial gifting.

So, what exactly does Mitchell do for the royals? Well, again, she was loathe to give specifics, but she did say how much her clients in general love her bee sting facial and her various bee sting products. Wink wink.

Mitchell’s bee sting facial and assorted products use a patented ingredient called ABEETOXIN, which is not available anywhere else. The toxin is harvested from the bees without killing or harming them and has the added side-effect of making the bees produce more honey. The toxin helps relax, plump and lift the skin, making Mitchell’s clients look instantly younger and fresher, to the point where it is sometimes referred to as an “instant facelift.” “It’s similar to injectables such as Botox,” says Mitchell. “The skin believes it’s been stung so the muscles and lines relax. The bee venom does not leave your face and that puts the skin into survival mode. This triggers anti-aging collagens and elastin, which are the pillars that hold the answer to youth full glow. It’s a miracle cream — you don’t need to buy moisturizer or skin cream. The venom is a re-boost. It’s all the power you need.”

No wonder the royals love this stuff! Check out a couple more of these amazing ABEETOXIN products below and bee sure to book an appointment at Mitchell’s Shropshire flagship the next time you visit the UK for the royal treatment. And if you aren’t planning a trip any time soon, you can still get the at-home experience with one of Mitchell’s many treatment kits, which range in price from $42 to just over $2000.

Bee Venom Eyes, HEAVEN BY DEBORAH MITCHELL, $130; BeePeel, HEAVEN BY DEBORAH MITCHELL, $162; Weekender Skin Kit for Normal Skin, HEAVEN BY DEBORAH MITCHELL, $42; Bespoke Gold Kit, HEAVEN BY DEBORAH MITCHELL, $2,002

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