Roseanne Barr And Azealia Banks Get Frank About Fashion

by Eddie Roche


Our friends at V Magazine online have reached out to some random characters to ask the never ending question: Is fashion month worth the fanfare? V‘s Natasha Stagg asked Roseanne Barr (???!!!), Azealia Banks, and musician Tink to chime in. We all know you’ve been eager to know their two cents on fashion week, so here you have it! Thoughts?

Roseanne Barr, actor/writer: “Yes, it’s more relevant than ever—fashion as rebellion is coming into focus now. Anarchy, punk rock, gender fluidity, XXL-sized women…it’s all a big conscious f*ck you to classism. Fashion has been very fascist. I’m seeing lots of edgy designers here in L.A,, Seattle, and SF!”

Azealia Banks, musician: “Fashion is not relevant. Fashion is not relevant because it has absolutely no integrity of its own. Fashion relies on models…on people and faces, to make it relevant. So, I would say that people like models, actresses, and It-Kids are relevant. But fashion is not. Fashion is full of inanimate objects. Fashion needs to be animated by people, at which point it becomes STYLE. And style is VERY relevant.”

Tink, musician: “Fashion is def relevant, but for the wrong reasons. People aspire to be like other people based on the clothes they wear. No one cares about the person underneath. That can get ugly.”

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