Ron Malhotra, Self Development Can Set You Free If You Let It

by Amir Bakian

It is all too easy to fall into the trap of working your regular nine-to-five job for the sake of an illusory sense of financial security. No matter how hard you strive for 9 to 5, the habit can become self-destructive. Many have attempted, and as many have failed. Ron Malhotra chose a different path, deciding to swim against the current and establish himself as a thought leader in the financial and business space. After years of working long hours for minimal pay, Ron realized that to unleash his true potential, define his life objectives, and serve those goals with passion, he had to abandon conventional thinking altogether. The often standardized forms of education fell short of providing the much-needed emphasis on originality, which is indispensable for crafting one’s distinctive route towards success. Neither did scholastic knowledge include sufficient financial and business knowledge to help people master their own fates, and ensure stable financial futures for themselves. This realization served as a springboard for Ron, who has since managed to build his thriving business empire.

To help other people bypass conformist outlooks on life, and focus on their inner genius, Ron wrote multiple internationally acclaimed books, the last one Indoctrinated, is up for release this November 2021. Yet, before we dive into this refined world of unparalleled know-how, let us get better acquainted with the man of many talents.

Meet Ron Malhotra
Ron Malhotra is a multi-skilled entrepreneur who runs multiple developing enterprises, eight worldwide brands, and two global movements, all at the same time! But this is not the end of the story. Ron is also an international Best-selling Author, award-winning Wealth Planner, renowned Thought Leader, Speaker, and celebrity Business Mentor.  In Australia, Ron Malhotra is the Managing Director of Maple Tree Wealth Management and Black Footed Business Advisors. In 2017, and again in 2020, he was named one of the Top 50 Emerging Icons in Education and one of the Top 50 Most Influential Men on LinkedIn. Ron’s concentration on mental stability, meaningful connections, and athletic capability enables him to stay up with such an amazing, albeit hard purpose.

Simultaneously, Ron Malhotra set himself another mission: to be helping other people achieve the same scale of success, or even greater. As a renowned celebrity mentor, Ron mentors novices as well as experienced entrepreneurs to help them define their distinctive routes and scale their businesses to ever-new heights. Ron uses cutting-edge methodologies to establish a company’s exact health, identifying problems and their roots, and creates robust frameworks for problem resolution. This has proven extremely advantageous for entrepreneurs looking to maximize their profits.

Indoctrinated: How The Traditional Education System Perpetuates Mediocrity, Conformity and Indistinguishability.
It takes a lot of curiosity to achieve real success. Ron Malhotra thinks the interest of those who are constantly looking for ways to challenge stereotypes, does not allow them to accept the world as it is. It urges them to shake it up, stir up new ideas, and craft their unique measure of success. Indoctrinated speaks to young peoples’ desires to break out of routine, to create something extraordinary: a reminder to dream big! The book aims to ignite peoples’ passion for crafting their unique routes toward success, disregarding conventional education that puts greater emphasis on standardized learning over originality in thinking. Total reliance on scholastic education can bring stagnation and a feeling of purposelessness; anyone eager to succeed in life should simultaneously try to get acquainted with his/her inner purpose, and focus on uniquely-tailored goals.

Ron says, “I am not suggesting that there is no merit in academics. I am simply saying it’s not sufficient to train people to make an income, but not train them on how to use that income to create wealth that lasts them a lifetime.”

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