Rodarte Fall/Winter 2016

by The Daily Front Row

Over the past decade, Rodarte’s fashion shows have been transcendent moments of reprieve from the overcrowded New York calendar. The smoke, the neon, and the spellbinding models in their magnificent finery will romance even the hardest hearts, and for those 20 minutes, the Mulleavys reflection of the world is the only place to be. Kate and Laura Mulleavy are sensitive creators whose best work offers incisive commentary on culture and provides the stuff of dreams. For most, Rodarte’s four- and five-figure wares are only an object of lust, unless you want a T-shirt with the brand’s name on it, which some people are more than happy to settle for. (Sixteen variations, starting at $117, are currently offered at Shopbop.) There’s nothing wrong with high luxury, of course, and the fall collection—ruffled leather jackets, floral paillettes, Gothic lace dresses—will give Rodarte’s rarefied fan base another excuse to brandish their Centurion cards. Imagine how truly awesome the streets would look if this magic were just a tiny bit more democratic.

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